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Planet Miner

Mine and place blocks as you travel accross billions of randomly generated levels. · By kevidryon2


Recent updates

Now darker levels and encoded save files! Also, finally a use for gems! - v1.05 Update
Recently after the PMS file extension (The extension of the save files of the game) got accepted by FileInfo, I began to work on an update of the game that woul...
2 files
Fixed the save system! - Version 1.04
I just discovered that v1.03 had a pretty bad save bug where it would just crash when saving/loading and it didn't save anything. Here i fixed this bug and a fe...
2 files
The big v1.03 update!
I just spent some time on coding and added a lot of new features to the game. Here's a changelog! Additions (The juicy stuff!) Added a save system that saves to...
2 files
Added v1.02 and the v1.01 EXE file!
Bugfixes Fixed bug of some levels missing the green block Additions Added 4 difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard Added a menu where you can select th...
3 files
Added v1.01 and updated the game page!
Here's the v1.01 changelog: When you press Ctrl + E, it teleports you to a random level. In v1.00, if you lose you get teleported to a fixed seed added to a num...
1 file
The story of how I made this game
A while ago i made StockCrypto, a cryptocurrency simulator that's very long. Now, i made Planetminer, and here's all the decisions i made during the process of...
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