The story of how I made this game

A while ago i made StockCrypto, a cryptocurrency simulator that's very long. Now, i made Planetminer, and here's all the decisions i made during the process of making this game.

In the last few days i became interested to esoteric programming languages, and i wanted to make a game that's basically an Esolang. So, i started the ZeroBrane IDE and began coding. The first prototype i made, called EnergyBlast, loaded a text file and spawned 4 energy cells around the center, which could do actions, hold numbers, change directions, and by default they always go forwards until the program crashed because of an Out of bounds exception. Then, because i couldn't get it working properly i just scrapped it. I then joined the Procedural Generation Jam, and i came up with an idea; the player must code a robot to get through i randomly generated path, though i ran into a lot of problems; I couldn't get the maze code working properly, and using threads just didn't work at all. I decided to swap the controls and make instead the player make the make and the robot being controlled by an AI that looked at the sorrounding blocks and went up, down, left, or right. Initially it didn't work because i was using the wrong coordinates and worked on the level creating system. I made a formula that would generate always random numbers based on a single seed, and added some code that would generate a random grid of tiles, a bit like an ore generator mechanism for a 2d game, then i went to bed.

The next day, I went on the Jam page and realized the idea of my game i made before the announcing of the theme for the Jam was perfect for the Jam, because you basically create your own path for the robot to follow, and i thinked it was just a coincidence. Anyways, i started coding again, and so i stated to code the Robot AI that went through the maze the player makes. I made it so red blocks teleport you to the level with the current seed plus one, and the green blocks teleport you to a random level. I also coded the first instruction blocks, and discovered a bug where the green block wouldn't spawn anywhere. To fix this issue, i rewrited the level generator mechanism. Then, i did some bug fixes and also did other projects.

The final day, today, i worked on the score system and fixed other bugs, and when i finished my game i created a Love2d file and an EXE file and packed everything necessary for the game to run in a 7z file. I chose 7z instead of ZIP because it has a smalled file size, and also i coded in other blocks, created the page and published the game.

Now, what plans do i have for the Sandbox mode? Well, i plan to let the user make a level of any size, with any blocks and being able to adjust the speed of the game.

I plan to add a difficulty choice, a mechanism that only lets the user play levels that are not impossible even in very hard, and i also wanna add actual textures and maybe shaders (for example antialiasing, slight glowing effect, and connected blocks).


Planetminer v1.00.7z 3 MB
Dec 06, 2021
Planetminer 38 kB
Dec 06, 2021
Planetminer v1.00 Source Code.7z 38 kB
Dec 06, 2021

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