A downloadable game for Windows

You were flying in your spaceship when suddenly you find yourself stuck in a blueish planet far from Earth. Luckily, in your backpack you know you have a tiny robot that runs off solar light, which there's plenty in the planet you landed on, and also you have some blocks to command the robot and a very resistant pickaxe that can destroy any extra-terrestrial rock. You also know that to exit the planet and return to earth, you must complete all of the levels in random order in the planet. Each level is linked to a random level with a green portal, that are always in different locations throught the levels.

The inner rock of the planet is black and your pickaxe is strong enough to break it, but the outer rock is a lot harder and cannot be touched by your pickaxe. Red blocks are scattered through the level that will send the robot to the previous level if the robot touches them. You also found some orange gems scattered throughout the planet. You have 7 blocks that represent instructions to the robot, these are:

  1. The yellow block places the block with the value inside of the robot's processor, the accumulator, next to itself.
  2. The blue block increments the accumulator by 1.
  3. The magenta block teleports the robot 2 blocks upwards.
  4. The cyan block surtracts 1 from the accumulator.

The robot will follow a path of blank blocks excavated by you, as it cannot break the wall or rock blocks. There's also a scoring system that increases when you win a level and decreases when you lose one, though it increases/decreases by a value dependant on how many blocks you excavated during a level. For example, if you win a level after having excavated 20 blocks, you get 800 points, but if you win a level after aving excavated 80 blocks you get 200 points.

The controls are:

  • Left mouse click on a block - Increment the block's value by 1
  • Right mouse click on a block - Set the block to a blank block
  • Middle mouse click on a block - Set the block to a wall block
  • R key - Start the robot
  • Ctrl + E - Reset the level (New seed)
  • Ctrl + S - Save your progress (Score, Gems, Statistics, ect.)
  • Ctrl + L - Load your save file

I am making a Sandbox level editor/player for this game that will come out soon.

This game should run on any 64bit computer, but i plan on releasing a 32-bit version soon.

The versioning scheme is that for every release that adds major features the first section of the version counter rolls over and the patch counter gets reset. Example: 1.42 ---> 2.0

When a minor update in released, the second version counter rolls over. Example:

1.26c ---> 1.27

When a patch is released, a letter is added to the version, like this:

1.24 ---> 1.24a ---> 1.24b ---> 1.25

Major patches get counted as minor updates.

Install instructions

If you want to use the Love2d file, you'll just have to install Love2d and run the file. If you instead want to use the Windows version, just unzip the 7Z file and run the EXE file.


Planetminer v1.00.love 38 kB
Planetminer v1.01.love 38 kB
Planetminer v1.02.love 38 kB
Planetminer v1.03.love 39 kB
Planetminer v1.04.love 39 kB
Planetminer v1.05.love 39 kB
Planetminer v1.00.7z 3 MB
Planetminer v1.01.7z 3 MB
Planetminer v1.02.7z 3 MB
Planetminer v1.03.7z 3 MB
Planetminer v1.04.7z 3 MB
Planetminer v1.05.7z 3 MB
Planetminer v1.00 Source Code.7z 38 kB

Development log